Individual Training

Individual/Small Group Sessions:

**Field Players/Goalkeepers**

Continued proper work and support is the key to progression.  This training style gives more individual attention to each player's specific needs. From there, a tailored plan will be implemented that will improve the identified strengths and weaknesses of that player. There will  be ongoing communication with the the coach to also get the thoughts of what the player would like to work on during the training sessions. This training session will help achieve their desired goal and build individual confidence!


Bravo Futbol Academy offers premium futbol development through specific curriculum established by Professional Goalkeeper Brian Holt and Bravo Futbol’s team of Expert Coaches.

Our academy offers the highest quality supplemental training for players in the area.  We strive to develop individuals with their specific position and overall technical ability on the ball.

We have a dedicated staff that have had personal success in their own playing career in college and/or professionally. These coaches know what it takes to get it done and are willing to help the next generation accomplish their own goals.