Glove Sizing

Goalkeeper gloves may fit differently depending on the type of glove cut and style as well as whether or not they have finger protection spines. Our gloves are all constructed with a removable finger protection system. The fit of the glove will be more snug with the finger spines in and loosen slightly if the spines are removed. This however, should not change the size of glove worn. Choosing the correct glove size is important as it will give you the best experience and result in an overall better performance from the glove.

Note: Gloves should not fit too tight which can put stress on the stitching, nor too loose resulting in less ball control. Fingers should not hit the end of the glove, but rather be worn slight larger than your hand. We suggest wearing the gloves about 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch longer than the fingertips which will allow for better control as it provides for movement of the latex when absorbing the impact of the ball.

Bravo Goalkeeper Glove Sizing Chart:

Glove Size Height Age
Size 6 4’6”-4’11" S-M Youth
Size 7 4’11”-5’4" L Youth/Young Adult
Size 8 5’4”-5’7" S Adult
Size 9 5’7”-5’10" M Adult
Size 10 5’10”-6’2" L Adult
Size 11 6’2”-6’5" XL Adult
Size 12 6’5”-Up XXL Adult

A secondary reference can be used by measuring the length of the hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the large thumb area where the keeper's thumb meets the wrist. Round up to the nearest inch and then add 1 to the measurement to determine your glove size.

hand size
  • 7 3/4" rounds up to 8, + 1 = 9, so a 7 3/4” measurement results in a size 9 glove.
  • Or 7 1/4” rounds up to 8, +1 = 9, so a 7 1/4” measurement results in a size 9 glove.
  • Or 7” will stay at 7, +1 = 8, so a 7” measurement results in a size 8 glove.

Feel free to contact us regarding sizing of the gloves and we will do our best to help you in any way. Gloves that have not been worn nor damaged may be returned for the correct size.