Bravo Futbol has established a field player program providing an advanced technical training program for players about performing their best. Being a striker can be both extremely difficult, but rewarding. Games can be decided on one opportunity that can lead to a missed chance or a goal to win the game. That is why it becomes more critical to make the most out of your chances at goal. Through our program, we strive to make each session help our players build individual skills on the ball to take on defenders, body positioning to create more opportunities, and ball striking techniques to be able to put the ball in the back of the net.

 Points of Emphasis: Moves on the ball to create space and beat defenders / Clean striking and curving techniques/ proper volley and half volley technique / learn the correct runs to make and body positioning / hold up and combination play / ways to use your body to shield defenders

 Our Weekly Program:

  • Build your soccer success through our weekly programs.
  • Developed to extend the capabilities of players through technical training and the skills to become a complete player.
  • Training sessions will focus on specific details of the player's position, enabling them to develop the correct tools and overall understanding of that position.
  • Open to players from any club or school.

 LOCATION/TIME: Time and Location can be arranged based on preference (**sessions can be run during regular practice times)   

DATES: Weekly Sessions Available

  • All Ages
  • All Levels


  • Top Level training from professional goalkeeper Brian Holt and University Keeper Coaches
  • Bravo Futbol Academy shirt ($10 additional cost) - only required for new players


    • Soccer cleats
    • Soccer ball
    • Shin guards
    • Goalkeeper gloves
    • Water!!

    PRICE: email us for pricing (


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