Glove Care

Proper glove care is an important element. The following steps can serve as a guide for optimal performance of the latex, and help restore the latex back to its original tackiness and extend the life of the gloves.

Each goalkeeper will develop their own preferences for washing and maintaining their own gloves. Gloves will wear even with proper maintenance. The life of the gloves depends on numerous variables such as fit, catching technique, the type and number of shots taken, field surface conditions, weather, etc. However, the longevity of the gloves may be extended with proper maintenance.

What You Should Not Do

- DO NOT use soap to clean the latex 
- DO NOT place in front of a radiator or any source of direct heat 
- DO NOT put in dryer or in direct sunlight/UV light 
- DO NOT dry clean 
- DO NOT iron 
- DO NOT use hot water

Bravo Glove Materials

 *Bravo Futbol has built a proud reputation around the materials we use. We established the highest quality line of goalkeeper gloves with a particular latex and offer the availability of finger protection spine use.  This latex delivers impressive tackiness which provides excellent grip and performance in all types of playing conditions. It is important to note however, that even quality materials are not damage resistant. This professional grade latex is soft and can be subject to damage from scraping and tearing. As well, our removable finger protection system is made of some of the best finger spines to help prevent, but not guarantee against finger injury. Use caution when removing or replacing the spines.

Bravo Futbol and its suppliers cannot be held liable for such normal wear and tear from the use inside or outside the intended use.